Dentistry's Tipping Point

  • How do we embrace a tech centric life?
  • What are the disruptors we need to prepare for?
  • What will our workplace look like in the future?
Hear from a futurist, early adopter and pragmatist. Learn to look at our dental future with opportunity and creativity in mind. A provocative and energetic presentation. 60 minutes

Lifespan Thinking In Dentstry

Baby boomers are the most affluent demographic group at present, and will continue to be so for many years. Anti-aging dentistry is on the rise. What kind of dentistry should we deliver? What skills will we need? And what will happen when our baby boomers become 75? How will our restorations be performing?

A thought provoking review of the age related impact of dental restorations and the restorative choices we make on behalf of the patient. 60 - 90 minutes

A Digital Future

This a fantastic time to be engaged in dentistry in the digital age. How will you be using this technology? Digital collaboration - the benefits for inter-disciplinary case planning. The challenges of digital technology - accuracy, investment and privacy.
  • Discover how videos are invaluable for design and case planning, as well as predicting complications and outcomes.
  • Digital communication and photography – the power of an image.
60 - 90 minutes

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