Dr Andrea Shepperson's Upcoming Events and Lectures - 2024

Managing Tooth Wear Course

April - Nov 2024

Develop the necessary design and diagnostic skills to diagnose and treat cases of Tooth Wear with greater confidence and predictability.

  • Lecture & Hands On: Experience live step-by-step guidance, demonstration and practice from tooth wear diagnosis to delivery. Two hands-on weekends at Shepperson Education Training Centre in May (2 days) and Nov (3 days) 2024.

  • Monthly Mentoring: Personalised mentoring with Dr Andrea Shepperson. Work through your own tooth wear case step by step with follow-up discussions and reviews at each critical stage of your treatment plan and lab communication.

  • Monthly Webinars: Monthly live or On Demand webinars with Dr Shepperson and access to online resources. Receive support material for your team and clinical resources for use in your office.

Waikato BoP Branch Lecture

10 May 2024

Hobbiton, New Zealand

Patients are often driven to seek treatment by aesthetic concerns. How do we provide solutions to meet their desires without aggressive dentistry? When can we restore it, and when is orthodontics a better option? How do we show the patient the benefit of orthodontic correction? Dr Shepperson answers these questions and outlines the communication strategies she uses to deliver conservative results.

Learn how to:

  • Use photography, digital tools and simple apps to show a patient the potential of their smile.

  • Evaluate the benefits of a more conservative approach.

  • Understand the aesthetic challenges in achieving restorative solutions for malaligned teeth.

Auckland Dental Association
Branch Meeting

21 May

Auckland, New Zealand

Injectable composites offers a retrievable solution that is easy to repair and replace and focuses on enamel preservation. The injectable composite technique has grown in popularity as a convenient way to reproduce anatomy with monolithic or layered solutions, in fast, efficient and cost-effective ways.

Learn how to:

  • Select suitable cases and evaluate tooth position;

  • Explore stent design with new 3D printed guides.

  • Use digital technology to design and visualise an end result.

  • Learn how to finish, polish and review occlusion to ensure longevity.


18-19 September

Sydney, Australia

Porcelain Veneers – A Comprehensive Guide

  • Develop confidence in designing and delivering a conservative aesthetic option for patients. Dr Shepperson will walk through every aspect of veneer delivery, from initial risk assessment, material selection and treatment steps.

Analogue to Digital: Making the Most of Your Scanner in a Modern Dental World

11-12 October

Shepperson Education, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

  • Understand the science of scanning – its accuracy, trueness, techniques and limitations.

  • Maximising the New Patient Visit: We look at the role digital tools play in giving us greater insight, data, and calculation. Get patients on board using a predictive, personalized and participatory examination.

  • Basic scanning technique: important features that you and your staff should know.

  • Patient Monitoring: A new way to build value in recare, and assess disease, surgical outcomes and tooth wear.

  • Learn how to use digital tools to evaluate cases, create 2D and 3D designs and create aesthetic mock-up model or shells.

  • Patient Monitoring: A new way to build value in recare, and assess disease, surgical outcomes and tooth wear.

  • Your lab - are they digital-ready and what happens if they are not able to meet your digital needs.

Smile Design: A Comprehensive Guide to Facially & Biologically Driven Smile Design.

5 October, 2024 

Shepperson Education, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

  • The Patient Aesthetic Journey.  How does visualisation through photography, video and scanning help improve case acceptance and patient co-diagnosis. 

  • Setting up an aesthetic treatment plan - what records and information do I need?

  • Facially driven design.   What are the design KPI’s for any aesthetic case.

  • How to use tools including digital apps to start designing in the face with the end in mind. 

  • What you can and can’t change with restorative dentistry alone: interdisciplinary case planning.

  • Where do I start in my planning - knowing the starting point for any smile design, from a single tooth to multiple veneers or crowns.

  • Learn the lines we need to know - Smile Curve, Incisal Line, Papilla Line, T line,  Line Angles, Gingival Curve and more.

  • Informed Consent and treatment options - what happens if the patient won't accept the ideal solution?  

  • Gingival Surgery and Orthodontics: Biology, Limitations, Guided Treatment. Communicating the planning, biology and delivery of inter-discplinary cases to specialists. 

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