Dr Andrea Shepperson's Upcoming Events and Lectures - 2023/2024

Managing Tooth Wear Course

April 2023 - October 2023

October 2023 - March 2024

Restorative Management of Tooth Wear

  • Lecture & Hands On

  • Monthly Mentoring

  • Monthly Webinars


August 29 - 31

Sydney, Australia

Porcelain Veneers – A Comprehensive Guide

  • Develop confidence in designing and delivering a conservative aesthetic option for patients. Dr Shepperson will walk through every aspect of veneer delivery, from initial risk assessment, material selection and treatment steps.

NZACD: Graduate Workshop Series 2023

September 8th

Shepperson Education, Waiheke Island

Develop systematic protocols using simple digital tools to plan aesthetic changes, ranging from single teeth to several veneers or crowns.

Melbourne Seattle Study Club

September 15

Melbourne, Australia

Updates in Tooth Wear

  • Review current science and clinical practice for assessing tooth wear, including both simple and complex aetiologies and new diagnostic tools. Use a simple decision tree to evaluate physiologic from pathologic wear, reviewing the application of digital monitoring and biomarker tools to assess active or historical wear.

  • Discuss the latest digital occlusion technologies to evaluate functional and parafunctional activity, and vertical loss. Review techniques for setting new vertical positions, including the role of orthodontics and digitally guided design and solutions.

  • Evaluate inter-disciplinary design and planning with third party applications, as well as simple desktop tools. Novel materials will be discussed, including new 3D printed hybrid ceramic materials and techniques to provide patients staging and transitional solutions to make reconstruction affordable.

Dr Elaine Halley's Invisalign Smile Architect™ Course

Tuesday 17th October, 2023

Shepperson Education, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Dr Elaine Halley will share her experience of smile design using a comprehensive and systematic approach to ensure function and form can be optimised in synchrony. Using Invisalign Smile Architect™ planning software Dr Halley will demonstrate integrating aesthetic restorative work into orthodontic treatment using Invisalign Clear Aligners. 

More Info Here: https://www.andreashepperson.com/invisalign-smile-architect/

Waikato BoP Branch Lecture

November 10

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Analogue to Digital: Making the Most of Your Digital Technology in a Modern Dental World

  • The shift from analogue to digital is more than just substituting impression material for Intraoral scanning. It opens a clinical world of better diagnosis, inter-disciplinary planning, new team skills, global access to experts through virtual collaboration, and differentiation in a competitive dental marketplace. Dr Andrea Shepperson takes a dive into the digital dental world, exploring the power of todays technology in general practice.

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