Shepperson Education offers small group dental education on Waiheke Island, New Zealand.  Dentists experience the benefits of stepping out of the demanding and busy world of practising life in a state-of-the-art facility, joining colleagues in a welcoming learning environment that is unique.  

Courses are focused on new ideas, context and evidence - why we do what we do, and why is that better for our patients.  How do we add predictability, enjoyment and longevity and create value for our work. Programmes create a blueprint for sustainability, from an initial patient contact to delivery of durable solutions, providing clear steps and evidence-based decision making. 

The programme is designed for all dental professionals:  general dentists, specialists, lab technicians, therapists and staff.  Programmes attract professionals who seek: 

  • Small group, interactive learning.
  • Clinical and scientific evidence to support protocols.
  • Building an enduring practice framed by clinical excellence. 
  • A predictive view of dentistry that embraces new technology.
  • Improving outcomes for patients by adopting longevity-based thinking and personalised care. 

Dr Andrea Shepperson is the founder and principle educator with a focus on Inter-discplinary treatment planning, digital diagnosis and design, occlusion and restorative dentistry.   She has over 35 years experience, a special interest in complex diagnosis, occlusion and tooth wear, and brings a global focus to dental education in New Zealand.

Problem Solving

Learn clear steps and pathways to try new things. Weigh the risks and know about red flags and hazards along the way. Have conversations with patients that are honest and collaborative. Find the confidence to do better dentistry, in your own time and with the right knowledge.

New Ideas

Shifting our clinical approach and learning new concepts can push us out of our comfort zone. Enjoy a safe and supportive environment and many years of experience.  Dr Shepperson will share what has worked, and what hasn't...honestly and openly.  Find the personal confidence to recalibrate old habits and adopt new techniques and technology.  


We are bombarded by new information and it can be confusing. Dr Andrea Shepperson is recognised for her ability to cut through the noise and explain complexity with great clarity. Her global reach, and curious mind, results in keeping her audience at the forefront of new techniques and materials. 


We're here to do the right thing for our patients - accurate and reliable dentistry, a positive future with peace of mind, comfort and caring and a lifetime of good health. Dr Shepperson will teach you how to take the long view, applying relationship-based learning - and get loyal and engaged patients as a consequence.

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