Learn clear steps and pathways to make sense of your observations.

Complex Cases

Tackle cases that you hadn't thought possible; tooth wear, aesthetic dentistry, implant planning, ortho-restorative. 


Logical, visual and efficient planning based on current evidence. 


Know what to say and when, developing trust and confidence in every patient interaction.


What you didn't learn at Dental School.  Making functional occlusion easy to understand.

Digital Design

Learn the skills to design, visualise and deliver, using digital tools and smart techniques.


If you ask these questions every day...

These courses will help overcome these day to day challenges in practice:

Why are patients not accepting my treatment recommendations?

  • You're not sure how to shift the value patients see in your work, and want to deliver differently, with higher value and more satisfaction. 

I'm seeing more complex treatments, but don't know where to start? 

  • You lack confidence in delivering complex solutions and need different skills. 

I'm not sure if I should invest in technology? 

  • Not sure if you should make the digital shift?  The learning curve and ROI makes you nervous. 

Change the Way You Do Dentistry

These courses explore how and why we can do better dentistry for our patients, adding predictability, enjoyment and longevity and creating value for our work.

The outcome - less stress, satisfied and loyal patients, comfort in your decisions and delivery and a more profitable practice.

The programme is designed for all dental professionals: general dentists, specialists, lab technicians, therapists and staff.

Latest Technology In Action

Embrace new digital tools and learn a digital workflow, with advantages at every level of dentistry.

Hands-On Experience

Nothing beats the chance to practice new techniques. We use new materials, proven solutions to test drive techniques. 


Solutions Mindset

Build confidence in your clinical decisions. Know how to problem solve, plan comprehensively and mitigate red flags and hazards along the way.

Amazing Resources & Partnerships

Videos, lecture slides, take away forms, links and articles. Rich in resources to use at your office or share with the team.

Pragmatic Solutions

Learn how to use creative techniques that provide flexible, cost effective solutions without compromisiung quality.

​Flexible Learning

Hands-on, webinars, in-person events, one:one mentoring, over-the-shoulder demonstrations. Select from a learning style to suit you.

If you'd like.....

Small group, interactive learning; clinical and scientific evidence to support protocols; building an enduring practice framed by excellence; a predictive view that embraces technology; improving outcomes for patients with proven strategies and personalised care, take the next step....


Dr Adam Richardson shares his experience of attending in-person and one:one mentoring at the Shepperson Education Centre on Waiheke Island. 

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