Dr Andrea Shepperson is one of New Zealand's best known dentists and speakers. She has helped dentists and hygienists globally in the quest for clear, practical solutions to everyday problems. A practising clinician herself, she understands the hearts and minds of dentists and their problems.

Andrea is the owner of a dedicated training facility on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand. She runs intensive 2 and 3 day events for clinicians with a strong focus on clear implementation and evidence to support clinical strategies.  She brings a wealth of international knowledge, networking and high level engagement with some of the leading dentists of the world.  In addition she focuses on technology and changing global trends shaping the industry.  She is New Zealand's only Digital Smile Design KOL and Master, running New Zealand's first DSD Clinic. She is an Honorary Life Member of the NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a Mentor and Alumni of the internationally renowned Kois Center in Seattle, USA. She is a Global Ambassador for Slow Dentistry.  A contributing author to Practical Procedures In Aesthetic Dentistry, she contributes to publications, webinars and expert panels in the development of  dentists globally. 

Dr Shepperson is an innovator, disrupter, teacher, futurist and leader. What sets her apart from the field of speakers is her ability to craft stories that showcase great clinical examples with practical solutions for everyday problems. She is relevant, engaging and inspiring - finding new ways to look at dentistry differently and giving dentists clinical confidence and logical pathways to try new things. Fascinated by 'new' she is at the forefront of dental knowledge. She has the ability to trigger light bulb moments in her presentations.

Dr Shepperson's motivation comes from a desire to provide novel solutions that project life changing outcomes for dentists and patients. The founder of The Dental Fingerprint, and her commitment to the long view, has placed her as an innovator and authentic provider of care for patients from many walks of life. Those patients who value longevity, wellness and a true understanding of their needs seek her services; and those dentists who value empathy, authenticity and courage prize her view.

Problem Solving

Andrea will give you clear steps and pathways to try new things. She'll weigh the risks and let you know about red flags and hazards along the way. Andrea's conversations with patients are honest and collaborative. She'll help you find the confidence to do better dentistry, in your own time and with the right knowledge.

New Ideas

Shifting our clinical approach and learning new concepts can push us out of our comfort zone. Andrea offers a safe and supportive environment and many years of experience.  She'll share what has worked, and what hasn't...honestly and openly.  Find the personal confidence to recalibrate old habits and adopt new techniques and technology.  


We are bombarded by new information and it can be confusing. Dr Andrea Shepperson is recognised for her ability to cut through the noise and explain complexity with great clarity. Her global reach, and curious mind, results in keeping her audience at the forefront of new techniques and materials. 


We're here to do the right thing for our patients - accurate and reliable dentistry, a positive future with peace of mind, comfort and caring and a lifetime of good health. Andrea will teach you how to take the long view, applying relationship-based learning - and get loyal and engaged patients as a consequence.

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