The Tooth Wear Programme at a glance...

Tooth wear is the third most common oral pathology after caries and periodontal disease.  It is often overlooked in practice, yet creates daily challenges for most general dentists and can lead to long term implications for the longevity of your dentistry.  

Using a systematic approach to diagnosis, and an inter-disciplinary planning approach, the programme builds a structure for assessing and managing tooth wear in your office, using the latest evidence and digital tools.  This exclusive 6 month mentoring programme aims to help dentists develop the necessary design, diagnostic and restorative skills to diagnose and treat cases of tooth wear and apply occlusal and reconstructive concepts to any case, with greater confidence and predictability.   

Full of practical skills and evidence-based advice, you will start to look at your patients differently and expand your range of care.  Supported by her knowledgable team, there will be take-home applications for the entire dental office.

Geared for both analogue and digital practices, Dr Shepperson will share her extensive knowledge of Digital Smile Design, Risk Assessment based planning, occlusal concepts and an inter-disciplinary approach to care.  Become more confident, expand your services and deliver better long term outcomes for your patients.

Registration Fees

Flexible Payment Options

Early Bird Full Course Payment

NZ $12,290   Discounted Earlybird rate for full payment prior to March 15. GST Inclusive

Full Course Payment

NZ $12,936    Full course fee including taxes. 

Course Fees Paid in Instalments

NZ $6210 deposit, with $1121instalments for 6 months.  GST Inclusive

A first payment deposit secures your place.   Monthly payments thereafter, with the final payment due 2 weeks prior to the final hands-on event. 

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Listen to what our past attendees have to say about our course.


This programme will run for 6 months.
Dr Shepperson will host attendees at her training facility for two 2-day intensive hands-on events, combined with online learning & personalised mentoring throughout the programme. 


Receive three weekly 1:1 mentoring with Dr Shepperson via Zoom. Select a case to treat in your own office. Walk through a case together, step by step. Follow up and review your own cases at critical stages.   


With over 35 years experience in dentistry, Dr Shepperson is one of NZ's best known and recognised dental speakers.  Her practice treats tooth wear cases on referral. 


Have access to regular live webinars, resources and clinical technique videos from the comfort of your own home or practice.  Receive support material for your team and clinical resources for use in your office. 


Limited to just 15 dentists, join like-minded New Zealand dentists who are working to grow and expand their knowledge. Learn through others' experiences as cases are shared.


How do I get to Waiheke Island?

We make this easy for you. The ferry terminal is a 30 minute Uber ride from Auckland International Airport. Once at the ferry, we provide all ferry tickets between Auckland to Waiheke Island. Arrange your Uber to downtown Auckland, or park in several nearby city parking buildings. One of our staff will meet you at the ferry terminal and guide you onto the ferry.

Are meals included in the Hands-On events?

Yes, all our courses include a continental breakfast and 2-course lunch, morning and afternoon tea crafted by our private on-island chef. For Managing Tooth Wear hands-on events, our course attendees enjoy a special restaurant dining experience on the Friday evening.

How is transport arranged on-island?

We provide premium taxi transfers on the island between your accommodation or the ferry, and our education facility every morning and afternoon.

What are the contents of the course? 

The course is focused on the practical application of current management strategies for tooth wear, giving dentists clear and simple take home protocols to put into practice with your team.  We start with diagnosis and differentiation - not always easy as multiple factors may be at play.  We move on to a decision hierarchy - establishing which cases need treatment, which cases we monitor and those that are stable and historical.  Not all tooth wear needs treatment.  We cover all of the records and tests required to make a decision, and outline effective ways to communicate concepts of wear, reconstruction or prevention to patients. 

For those cases that do need treatment we walk through different strategies, including digital design, occlusal management, mockups and temporisation with new 3D printed transitional materials.  We discuss staging treatment, choice of materials and inter-disciplinary care such as orthodontics, as an adjunct to treatment. 

It is a very detailed course that canvases all of these areas with practical steps and hands-on exercises. 

Will there be ongoing access to the course content after completion of the course?

All webinars and personal one:one mentoring sessions are recorded and you can download these for future reference. 

Are there any other reading materials provided?

Dr Shepperson will supply relevant journal articles, guidelines and other useful reading material.  Many dentists buy her book at the completion of the course.

I'm confused about occlusion and regaining OVD, smile design and use of articulators and face bows - how will this course help?

The course covers these subjects in detail, providing demonstrations and practical guides for the use of these tools.  Participants get to design a case in an App, test a deprogrammer and leaf gauge in their own mouths, and watch a demonstration of a digital and analogue facebow. 

Will I be confident in treating treat wear and occlusal problems after this course?

We find that dentists who are diligent in their application of the systems taught, find the confidence to treat cases.  It takes time to layer on the learning and skills at each stage, which is why the course is not a ‘one off’.  Dr Shepperson provides as much support as you need via one:one mentoring throughout and beyond the completion of the programme.  She will counsel you about the complexity of chosen cases and find a starting case to develop new skills and build confidence. 

Apart from the webinars and hands-on sessions, are there any other educational components or course materials (online videos, recorded lectures etc)? 

All course content is provided as a digital PDF and other resources are supplied at the start of the programme.  Dr Shepperson adds current content of interest throughout the 6 month course period, as new research and information comes to light. 

What procedures do we get to practice in the hands-on sessions?

Fitting and adjusting deprogrammers, examining casts for evidence of wear, taking a leaf gauge bite, learning the design KPI’s for a harmonious smile, photography, designing a smile in 2D, writing up lab instructions for a case, reviewing the wax up, constructing a new vertical height using an additive protocol in actual cases involving tooth wear.  The programme is full of hands-on content. 

What if I do not have a tooth wear case? (and don’t manage to find out throughout the 6 months?) 

Not everyone finds or feels confident in managing a case and it is not necessary to have a case.  The skills learned are applicable across all of dentistry and provide a structured, systematic way to approach and understand any case.  

Do I have to have mentoring sessions?

No.  However, most dentists find the mentoring sessions provide a treasure trove of customised guidance and practical tips that will streamline your work and finesse your delivery at all levels from a clinician with 40 years of experience. Every session is unique to you and different to others, based on your area of interest or enquiry.

Are discounts or alternative payment plans available?

Payment plans and discounts are detailed on the course page.  When you introduce 1 or more colleagues attending with you, we will extend an additional discount. We understand that individual circumstances may vary, and therefore, please contact Sharon at to find an option that suits you.

Waikehe Island Training Centre

2-Day Lecture & Hands-On

Join Dr Shepperson at her new training centre on Waiheke Island - the perfect place to step away from the pace of practising life, learn new skills and recalibrate in a beautiful environment. 

Architecturally designed and custom built, the centre sits on 10 acres in the heart of Church Bay, Waiheke Island, with panoramic vistas of the Hauraki Gulf and Auckland City. Surrounded by established New Zealand native bush, birdsong, vineyards and only 5 minutes drive from the Fullers ferry it is a unique venue which is the perfect location for recalibration, creative thinking and new strategies.

Dr Andrea Shepperson

Dr  Andrea Shepperson is an internationally recognised clinician, thought leader and educator. Author of Managing Tooth Wear: A Comprehensive Guide for General Practice, one of Australasia’s best known general dentists, she graduated from the University of Otago in 1984.  A practicing clinician in Auckland, she understands the day-to-day challenges of general practice. 

Andrea is New Zealand's only Digital Smile Design KOL and Master, running New Zealand's first DSD Clinic. She is an Honorary Life Member of the NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a Mentor and Alumni of the internationally renowned Kois Center in Seattle, USA. She is a sought-after speaker who has always enjoyed being at the forefront of dentistry, and runs a practice focused on digital dentistry.  In 2020 she opened her own dental training facility on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand.  


Exceptional quality dentistry, an eye opener to approach treatments to such a high standard, helps dentists see the various multifactorial issues to treat patients holistically. 


A comprehensive and thought-provoking course. Andrea’s knowledge on the subject is second to none. Highly recommend!


Dr Andrea has created such a stunning facility.  Her knowledge and skill is world-class, and her passion for teaching and dentistry is contagious.  I feel invigorated to return to my clinic and apply these skills. The facility is so welcoming and is set in one of the most beautiful surroundings in the world. 


Exceptional content delivered with passion in a stunning venue. 


The course content and pace are ideally suited to consolidating all the principles taught, and give you the confidence to move ahead with treating patients in a comprehensive manner. I loved it. 


Absolutely brilliant course, Andrea is so knowledgeable and the presentations online and in person were invaluable. The weekends on Waiheke were great too.


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