Are you a hygienist who really wants to make a change in your practice? Do you know there's a better way to deliver optimal care but you're not sure how? Are you struggling to get patient engagement? Do you want your office to be more productive, delivering a thriving clinical and business model?

I'm a passionate advocate for a robust, engaged and productive hygiene model. As a general dentist in private practice I want to offer my patients a lifecycle model of care, built around managing disease risk and delivering care based on my patients as individuals. The hygiene programme in our office is a critical element and i've developed proven, successful strategies to share with you. My hygienists aren't 'cleaning ladies' - they are engaged and highly valued clinical members of our team who drive the wellness model in our office.

If any of these concerns resonate with you then you'll love this online programme. I'll show you a different way to look at periodontal care, how to grow a thriving continuing care practice, get the engagement of your patients and colleagues alike. Move from being 'the cleaning lady' to a predictive, wellness based clinician who takes an active role in the overall health of your patients.


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