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Dentistry's Tipping Point

The dental world, like every other industry, is staring some interesting changes in the face. Our tech centric lives, and global disruptors to the way work is done, are impacting the industry in interesting ways. What are the disrupters and how do we need to respond as professionals to thrive in the midst of so much change? Two articles caught my eye in dental and popular media…. Open Source Orthodontics College student Amos Dudley decided to open source his crooked mouth and design his new...

June 7, 2016

Midlife Mouths

I developed an interest in dental erosion and tooth wear in 2005, and found myself consulting with experts globally after observing exponential rates amongst my patients, particularly women in midlife. This led to the start of a practice dedicated to Tooth Wear and Rejuvenation, and a focus on the issues seen in the following case study. I coined the term "The Midlife Mouth" based on the prevalence of patients in my practice presenting with similar symptoms. Today I add Digital Smile Design...

December 9, 2015

Lifespan Thinking In Dentistry

Would you place an implant in a 91 year old? I had the pleasure recently of treating a 91 year old, physically active and intellectually incisive woman who still does yoga twice a week. She elected to have an implant which we subsequently restored. Many dentists would question the decision - in this case it was made in a very determined way by a patient who wanted to remain youthful and functional. I've had older patients ask me at 70 if it is worth investing in protective dentistry, suggesti...

December 9, 2015

Will I Still Have A Job

My daughter is about to embrace tertiary education and I often wonder what sort of job she'll have in 20 years. If you are a parent of a teenager about to embrace tertiary education you will be canvassing career options offering future roles that may not yet exist. If you have been to a Careers Evening your teen may have been profiled by a careers advisor and given a shortlist based on their personal strengths and interests. On one occasion a visiting University Professor gave an interestin...

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