Do you want to take your dentistry to the next level? Are you seeing more complex cases and not sure where to start?

Join Dr Shepperson for 2 or 3 day intensive programmes. Participate in The Virtual Office, over-the-shoulder and hands-on elements. Hosted in Auckland or Sydney on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday these are an opportunity to dig deeper into content and strategies for better dentistry and loyal patients. With over 30 years of clinical experience, and a big picture mindset, Dr Shepperson will teach you how to:
  • Diagnose comprehensively and succinctly
  • Build long term relationships with patients who stay for decades
  • Take new science and turn it into practical applications in your office
  • Gain new confidence at looking beyond just teeth.
  • Treatment plan with simple systems.
  • Take your dentistry from purely technical to creative, emotional and satisfying on many levels.
Next Generation Corporate Events Centre
1 Tennis Lane
Parnell, Auckland
New Zealand


"Andrea's presentations are up to date, well researched and relevant. I would recommend to anyone who wants to practice better dentistry." John Wright

"A highly recommendable course. Systematic and logically presented with general practice application." A.M.

"I am very impressed with knowledge of Andrea about this topic. She is a great lecturer not only about this topic. Her way of delivering information is awesome." Alex Mechkor

"Andrea is a highly knowledgeable speaker who conveys information about complex concepts in a logical and interesting manner that respects the daily challenges faced by general dentists. I highly recommend taking her course."

"Meticulous, detailed, nothing left out. I really appreciate Andrea's courses." Tim Greenfield

"Love the course – will definitely recommend and will definitely return. Andrea is so knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and relaxed." W.R.


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