Dr Andrea Shepperson

Dr Andrea Shepperson is one of New Zealand's best known dental speakers. She has helped dentists and hygienists globally in the quest for clear, practical solutions to everyday problems. A wet fingered dentist herself, she understands the hearts and minds of dentists and their problems.

Dr Shepperson is an innovator, disrupter, teacher, futurist and leader. What sets her apart from the field of speakers is her ability to craft stories that showcase great clinical examples with practical solutions for everyday problems. She is relevant, engaging and inspiring - finding new ways to look at dentistry differently and giving dentists clinical confidence and logical pathways to try new things. Fascinated by 'new' she is at the forefront of dental knowledge. She has the ability to trigger light bulb moments in her presentations.

Andrea is Australasia's only Digital Smile Design (DSD) instructor and a graduate and member at the Kois Center in Seattle, and member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

Dr Shepperson's motivation comes from a desire to provide novel solutions that project life changing outcomes for dentists and patients. The founder of The Dental Fingerprint, and her commitment to the long view, has placed her as an innovator and authentic provider of care for patients from many walks of life.

Engaging Patients In Diagnosis

We recognize clinical conditions - how do we have patients accept the need for treatment. Learn how to use a compelling diagnostic tool to get great patient acceptance. Plan treatment with patient buy in and learn verbal skills to gain patients trust. Carry out a hands-on diagnostic exercise using a risk based checklist for comprehensive diagnosis.

Occlusion: The Challenging Chestnut of Dentistry

Did you leave Dental School with a clear understanding of how to diagnose occlusal discrepancies, including loss of vertical dimension?
Learn how to recognize and classify occlusionUnderstand predictable and systematized steps to manage vertical loss. Know how to recognize occlusal red flags before embarking on treatment.

Dental Photography - A New Benchmark In Design

Dr Christian Coachman has established a new benchmark in aesthetic design through simplified photographic protocols and Digital Smile Design (DSD).Learn the basic tools to get started. Learn simple photographic techniques to begin your DSD journey and become a facial aesthetic designer.

Temporary Solutions

Providing fast, easy temporary restorations that provide comfort for patients, is a key to stepping back and considering the bigger view in case planning. Great tips & techniques to take home.




IPS e.max Smile Award Judge

Dr Andrea Shepperson has been named as one of the panel of global experts selected to judge Ivoclar Vivadent Limited's international Smile Awards competition. The competition is open to all international dentists showcasing a smile makeover using IPS e.max or Empress. The final judging and award will be made in Madrid June 2016. The international panel of experts is made up of highly-acclaimed dentists and dental technicians from various parts of the world.

Click here to find out more about this world-wide contest I'm involved in...

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