Lifecycle Thinking

The ability to think over decades, coupled with long standing relationships with patients, allows Dr Shepperson to take a predictive view of dentistry and medicine. The shift from reactive sick-care to personalised and participatory healthcare is a critical component of her message to both dentists, patients and corporate clients.

Digital diagnosis and planning, point of care technologies, bio-disruption, global genomics projects and cloud based telemedicine are areas of interest and engagement. Dr Shepperson helps dentists to adapt to and embrace a new dental future, and bringing trusted values of interaction with authenticity.

Expert Engagement

The desire to practise dentistry at the highest level has led to close connections with dental industry leaders and some of the worlds great clinicians in dentistry. Andrea is a global opinion leader for Ivoclar Vivadent Ltd, a member of the Digital Smile Design Masters Group and a mentor at the Kois Centre in Seattle. This gives her insight into the latest research and developments in her field.

Recognised for her comprehensive and full mouth approach to care she is sought after to participate in global events and give inspiring keynote addresses to organisations. She is a global judge in the IPS e.max Smile Awards, Member of the DSD Masters group and has contributed to dental texts.

Start Up Success

Dr Andrea Shepperson started her own practice as a greenfield site four years after graduation, shortly after the 1987 sharemarket crash. Her success came from seeing opportunities as the dental landscape changed. Her determination, being an early adopter, access to international mentors, a best practice philosophy and a commitment to extraordinary customer service are key elements of her success.

Andrea has encountered every challenge faced by a dentist in business. She completed 3 start ups over the course of 20 years, and finally sold her practice to Lumino The Dentists in 2007. The dental landscape continues to change rapidly and her responsiveness, understanding of corporate dentistry, and workforce and consumer shifts allows her to help dentists prepare for the future.

Leading With Intent

Dr Andrea Shepperson has been in leadership roles since her early career. She has Chaired a number of organisations and been a media face of dentistry over 30 years. Her clinical reputation and commercial acumen resulted in being invited to the Board of Lumino The Dentists in 2014.

Andrea has a strong desire to give back to the dental community. She has had the benefit of extraordinary teachers throughout her career, and brings the importance of quality dental education, and mentorship to her younger peers.

Andrea established Lumino GO and Launch, both Best Practice training programmes for younger dentists within a corporate environment.


"I have seen Andrea present on several occasions. She combines her extensive knowledge of dental procedures, materials & clinical techniques with examples of her beautifully executed smile design cases. Her presentations are always interesting, informative & inspiring."
September 25, 2012 Dr Andrea Clarke, New Zealand

"Dr. Andrea Shepperson is a dedicated clinician and teacher who has devoted her life and passion to the teaching of precision, predictability and excellence in complex modern cosmetic dentistry. She is a tireless educator who has virtually single-handedly elevated the knowledge and practicing standard of New Zealand dentists by bringing knowledge and skills gleaned overseas back to Australasia. Andrea's approach is innovative and progressive. Her accessibility, approachability and thoughtfulness in not only in case assessments but also life, gives clinicians a calm and systematic approach to solving even the most difficult of cases.
Clarence Tam, HBSc, DDS Cosmetic and General Dentistry

"Andrea is an internationally recognised speaker and an innovative clinician, who has a passion for her profession. She has fantastic communication skills and I find her very approachable should I need advice. The courses I have attended where Andrea has presented have all benefited my practice in some way."
September 26, 2012 Dr Matt Ross, Lead Dentist, New Zealand


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