Lecture Circuit 2022


MAY 13th - October 31st, 2022

Restorative Management of Tooth Wear

  • Lecture & Hands On

Looking at Patients Differently

Recognising Interdisciplinary Needs in our New Patients

MAY 24th, 2022 (9.00am - 4.30pm)
Napier War Memorial Centre
48 Marine Parade, Blu. Hill, Napier 4110

Learning Objectives

  • Dentistry's red flags: classifying patients as low risk and high risk.
  • Differentiating wear: how to recognise different patterns of wear.
  • Minimum baseline records to diagnose and assess cases. How is digital helping us?
  • Tools to assist with digital planning for greater predictability.
  • Restorative solutions for reconstruction: which material to use and why.
  • The versatility of composite resin. What does the data say about long term performance.
  • An introduction to functional occlusion.

Digital Dentistry & Dental Technology


June 3rd, 2022 (9.00am - 10.30am)
Sydney, Australia

Digital Dentistry & Dental Technology 2022 will again focus on connecting you with the expert knowledge you need to succeed in the digital world with presentations on solutions in everything from restorative dentistry and implantology to orthodontics, digital dentures and more, covering everything from intraoral scanning and 3D imaging, the latest in software, clinical diagnostics and chairside solutions, to the laboratory with 3D printing, milling, software and more.

If you'd like to book Dr Andrea Shepperson to speak, please register your interest here:

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