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Develop the confidence to see more and treat more. Build communication skills and business strategies to make a comprehensive approach to dentistry a success.

Planning the Digital Bite Lift
Dental Ed

The management of tooth wear demands knowledge of changes in vertical dimension.  Understanding when, by how much and the techniques for assessing an appropriate vertical dimension will be discussed.  Digital dentistry allows effective visualisation of the aesthetic and functional requirements in tooth wear cases.  This presentation will review digital and analogue techniques for carrying out a facial and dental assessment, finding centric relation, manufacturing deprogrammers and testing changes in the mouth. 

30th July 2019

Study Clubs

Making the shift to digital scanning
NZACD Study Group

Digital dentistry is gaining ground globally, and NZ dentists are slowly shifting to IOS (Intra-oral scanning). Dr Shepperson made the shift to a full digital protocol in 2016. She discusses the advantages, diagnostic capability and visibility of the digital world. Most of all she will share her enjoyment of dentistry in this new transformative space.

3rd September 2019
6.30pm - 8.30pm

Trinity Wharf Tauranga
51 Dive Crescent
New Zealand

Veneers: A Comprehensive Guide
One Day Lecture & Hands-on

Course Description
• Develop confidence in designing and delivering a conservative aesthetic option for patients
• Understand the materials available and how to use them effectively
• Learn the role occlusion and design play in the success of veneers
• Learn the appropriate conversations to have regarding informed consent

12 Sep 2019 - 13 Sep 2019
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM    

ICDE Brisbane
Unit 3, 53 Southgate Avenue
Cannon Hill
Brisbane, Australia

Digital Dentistry and Dental Technology 2019

The 2nd Annual Digital Dentistry & Dental Technology 2019 Conference and Exhibition is a unique one-stop event to see and hear about the latest in CAD/CAM, Implants, Digital Dentistry, 3D Printing, Milling, Intraoral Scanning, Software, Hardware and Orthodontics and how it all integrates and works together.

20 September - 21 September 2019
9.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Novotel Sydney Brighton Beach Hotel
Sydney, Australia

"Andrea is an excellent speaker and teacher. She explains clearly and is aware of participant's level of understanding. This course was well-tailored for beginners on veneers."

"Dr. Shepperson is a master in her field. The courses are pitched perfectly for the GDP. After attending her 2-day veneer course, I feel I have a grasp of an excellent system to obtain reliable results. Thank you, I will see you again." Nicholas Cutfield
"Good informative course that covered a lot of topics that I found I have forgotten or not used since graduating. Also new information about the ways oral health or dental hygiene may be leaning towards. New products, new techniques, new ways of doing things." K.L.

"Amazingly informative. Extremely helpful and some great ideas to try and implement in our practice." Julie Cowan.

"Very informative course. I enjoyed re-learning topics I had forgotton slightly and found it great to have reassurance that what I am practicing is right and how I can improve my practice. I learned about new technology that I had no idea about and got some cool freebies." Hayley Mountford.


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