Dr Omar Alsabiry

With a refreshed and charismatic approach, Dr Omar Alsabiry has created positive disruption to the Dental field.

Since graduating with Honours and an array of esteemed awards from the University of Otago in 2014, Omar has continued his endeavour for clinical excellence. Recognition of this has awarded him mentorship from leading practitioners in both New Zealand and Australia, and his dedication to the profession also saw him appointed as an executive board member of the New Zealand Academy for Cosmetic Dentistry in 2015. Omar is committed to continuing education and is frequently invited to attend courses overseas, allowing for a dynamic adaptation of new clinical techniques.

Omar is passionate about utilising composite resin artistry in intricate direct anterior cases, however continues to practice all aspects of General Dentistry. He frequently posts his treatment cases online where he has been gaining a steady following.

Anterior Stratification & Biomimicry

Achieving flawless anterior restorations utilising layered composite resin.

  • Understand the properties of colour.
  • Learn how to to analyse tooth forms and micro anatomy.
  • Understand how to layer composite and it's limitations.
  • Learn how to disguise your anterior restoration even when you have chosen the incorrect shade.

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