Dr Mun-Ee Thai

Dr Mun-Ee Thai is a graduate of The University of Western Australia and has spent his profession life in private practice in New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore.

Mun-Ee and his hard-working team focus on risk-based comprehensive and personalised patient treatment. Combining a strong clinical foundation with international educational opportunities allows Mun-Ee to achieve greater proficiency by capitalising on the expertise and opinions of innovative clinicians and leaders in the field.

He has recently undertaken clinical study through the International Team of Implantology (ITI), the Digital Smile Design (DSD) Residencies with Dr Christian Coachman, and an advanced clinical training program with Dr Andrea Shepperson in international standards of best practice. He is now completing a specialised mentoring program with Dr Andrew Brown (Chairman, Lumino the Dentists Clinical Advisory Board).

Mun-Ee's current interests are in treatment planning and multidisciplinary care, the integration of digital technology into the patient workflow, biomimetic and minimally invasive dentistry, and treating complex rehabilitation cases. He practises general dentistry in provincial New Zealand where he also mentors young clinicians.

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