Andrew has always had a keen interest in applying the science of dentistry to a commercial situation to enhance overall care. He graduated with BDS (Otago) in 1988 and spent the first two years of his career in private practice Wellington. Between 1990–1994 he lived in the UK working in a number of NHS practices in London. During this time he was accepted into the Henley MBA programme. Upon completion of his MBA, Andrew returned to become a partner in the practice he had left in Wellington.

Burton and Brown is a central city general practice that has a focus on high end restorative work, implant surgery and restoration. Burton and Brown started in 1994 with two dentists and in 2007 sold to Lumino as 3 dentist 2 hygienist practice. Lumino Burton and Brown is now a 5 dentist 3 hygienist practice in the central city and is considered to be one of the flagship practices of Lumino's 94 practice portfolio.

Since joining Lumino Andrew has become a member of Lumino's Clinical Advisory Board and is involved in setting up and developing projects such as Shine, Lumino's in house mentoring programme, and a Graduate development Programme in one of the bigger provincial practices.

The Appointment Book & Productivity.

What actually does that mean anyway?

How your appointment book is set up will control the balance of your day. Productivity is not just about dollars billed by the end of the day, it's much more than that. Come and listen to a coal face perspective on how to structure your day so that it is balanced, profitable and fun. Learn about the components of your appointment book that you may never have thought of, and how they affect your day.

The Emergency Appointment- overlooked, overcooked and over it.

Really? Doesn't have to be that way.

The Emergency Appointment in our day is usually jammed in when we have no time and no energy. It's always too short and its always stressful. But used wisely, it will generate revenue, new treatment and goodwill from new and existing patients. Come and learn how to fit the Emergency Appointment into your day that keeps the balance and grows your revenue.

Part 2: Got your dental degree...What's next?

Mentoring; "How do I know good advice when I hear it?"

What is a Mentor? Do I need one? What should I be looking for?




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